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Enrollment Information - 503.399.5006

Attendance – No-show drop

If you cannot attend the first class session (for online this means participation by Wednesday of the first week of term), you must contact your instructor.

If you do not contact your instructor, you may be dropped. If the college drops you, you will be notified through your student’s Gmail account.  Note: This may affect your eligibility for tuition assistance if you are a veteran, on financial aid or are sponsored by an agency.

Waiting lists

We are electronically wait listing many sections. Please see for more information.

Canceled classes

Chemeketa reserves the right to cancel any class because of low enrollment.

Limited Enrollment Programs

For questions about limited enrollment and special admission programs, contact Enrollment Services at 503.399.5006 or Academic Advising at 503.399.5120

Enrollment of younger students

Students younger than 18 who have a high school diploma or GED certificate may enroll using the regular registration procedures.

Students younger than 18 who do not have a high school diploma or GED certificate should contact high school Partnerships at 503.399.5293.

Auditing classes

You may register in a class as an auditor if you do not want to receive grades or credits. Tuition and fees will be charged at the same rate as classes taken for grade or credit. You may request an Audit Request form by emailing Complete and return the form to Enrollment Center office by the end of the fourth week of the term.

Pass/no pass grades

If you’d like to be graded P/NP and the course qualifies you must complete the Pass/No Pass Request Form, which can be obtained by email request to or Your instructor’s approval by way of his/her signature, an approval email will suffice, must be submitted with the request form to the Enrollment Center by the end of the fourth week of the term. P/NP grades cannot be changed back to a standard letter grade.

Enrollment records

Chemeketa maintains grade transcripts on a permanent basis. Other student records are kept for a maximum of ten years. These records may include graduation evaluations, transfer credit evaluation forms and curriculum substitution forms, in addition to evaluation of progress toward graduation and correspondence.